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Yakushima Island is a national park located on the southern coast of Kyushu. Llisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yakushima is the first such natural site to receive such a designation. Yakushima is famous for its cedar (cryptomeria) forest, which holds some of the largest and oldest trees in Japan. A number of the trees  are more than 1000 years old and the oldest of all is reputed to be 7000 years old.

Although the climate of Yakushima’s coastal area is subtropical, the highest point of the interior – Mt. Miyanouradake (1936m) – is a subarctic zone. Much of the ten kilometer stretch in between those two points is home to the yakusugi trees, which thrive in the temperate climate found at 1000 meters.  With three climate zones on one small rainy island, it is no secret this has left Yakushima with an incredible array of biodiversity.

Activities on Land

Half day tracking tour
Duration4 hours
One day tracking tour
Duration8 hours

There are four main trekking routes in Yakushima:

Day tour to Jomonsugi

Jomonsugi, one of the main attractions in Yakushima, is the largest and oldest yakusugi tree, discovered in 1966. It is 30m in height and has a diameter of around 5m.  Botanists estimate the age of Jomonsugi to be from 3,000 years old to 7,000 years old.

Yakusugi Cedar land

At an elevation of 1000m, you can visit the beautiful forest of yakusugi trees that are over 1000years old.

Shiratani Unsuikyo

The mossy forest of Shiratani Unsuikyo is a somewhat mystical area, well-known among animation fans as the setting for the movie “Princess Mononoke”.

Seiburindo ( West woodland path )

This route is located inside the UNESCO World Heritage area and you can enjoy the jungle while also observing the wild deer and macaques that live there.

Activities on the river and at sea

Significant rainfall in the steep mountains of Yakushima creates numerous streams and waterfalls. Activities, such as canyoning and river kayaking tours, utilize the natural landscapes and offer tour participants the chance to observe various plants and birds.

In the ocean off Yakushima, many types of fish can be seen in the waters, due to the unique current that passes by Japan’s coast. Diving, snorkeling and sea kayaking can all be enjoyed in the warmer months.

River kayak and sea kayak tour

  • Price
  • Duration
  • When
  • ¥6000/person
  • 4 hours
  • March to November
One day tour
Duration8 hours
WhenMarch to November

Snorkeling & Scuba diving

Half day tour
Duration4 hours
WhenMarch to November
One day tour
Duration8 hours
WhenMarch to November

Yakushima Tourism Association

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