Natural Environments

Discover predominantly untouched lands across Japan from the wetlands of Hokkaido to the southern islands of Ogasawara.

Abundance of Wildlife

View the rich biodiversity of Japan’s ecosystems and meet wildlife that includes monkeys, bears, flying squirrels and sharks

Trekking Expeditions

Explore Japan on foot, horseback, canoe and more in a wide variety of wilderness excursions safely operated by local experts

Protecting Habitats

The Japan Nature Network works diligently to protect and preserve habitats without disturbing the surrounding environments

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About Japan Nature Network

The Japan Nature Network envelops the rich, natural environments across Japan from the northern reaches of Hokkaido to the remote southern islands of Ogasawara. Due to Japan’s humid climate the forests and surrounding oceans are rich in biodiversity. This diverse ecosystem provides a viable habitat for an abundance of living creatures – flying squirrels soar through the air, bears roam the forests and sharks swim the seas.

There are many species unique to Japan and we adamantly protect the habitats in which they exist from external threats. We also safely operate hiking and trekking routes without disturbing these beautiful environments.

In addition to protecting our rich nature we also provide sightseeing infrastructure to assist guests from overseas on their nature travels through Japan. Our aim is to deepen understanding while carefully preserving Japan’s remarkable natural worlds.

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