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Oze is a national park located 150km north of Tokyo and boasts an elevation of 1400m. This region is well-known among Japanese for its hiking opportunities and is considered the birthplace of nature conservation in Japan. Oze is also famous for its marshlands, surrounded by mountain peaks that are over 2000m in height. During winter, snowfall is so heavy that Oze is known as one of the top ten  snowiest areas in the world – the snow piles up to over 5 meters! Oze’s beautiful flowers bloom only for a short period of time from mid May to mid October. During this time, over 300,000 hikers use the various trekking routes to enjoy the scenery. A visit to Oze, with its flowers and beautiful landscapes, is a memorable one.

Day tours

Mt. Hiuchigatake trekking tour

Mt. Hiuchigatake stands right in the center of the Oze marshland. Hikers can enjoy fabulous views from the mountaintop.

Price JPY 11,000 per person
Duration7 hours
Capacity4 people
WhenJune to end of October

Mt. Shibutsu trekking tour

This trekking tour to Mt. Shibutsu gives you the chance to observe beautiful flowers and wonderful views of the Oze marshland.

Price JPY 11,000 per person
Duration7 hours
Capacity4 people
WhenJuly 1st to end of October

2 Day tours

Ozegahara marshland and Ozenuma pond trekking tour

This 2-day trekking tour takes in the area around the Ozegahara marshland and Ozenuma pond. The accommodation fee for the hut is included in the price.

PriceJPY 18,000+guide’s accommodation fee
Duration2day tour ( 1st day – 6hrs, 2nd day – 6hrs )
Capacity6 people


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