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Shiretoko National Park, located in eastern Hokkaido, has some of the finest wildlife in Japan. Shiretoko is home to various animals such as brown bears, foxes and deers, while the nearby ocean hosts orcas, sperm whales and seals. Several unique species of birds also lives in Shiretoko, such as Blackiston Fish Owl ( known to be one of the largest owl in the world, ) and large sea eagles, like the Steller’s sea eagle and white-tailed sea eagle. It is said that Shiretoko has about 50 species of mammals and 280 types of birds.

Shiretoko National Park offers trails that lead you around the park and allow you to enjoy the beautiful sights. The park operates guided tours to observe wild animals and birds, as well as popular cruising tours. You can enjoy the magnificent landscapes and often observe brown bears in their habitat, or take a cruise on the open sea to spot sperm whales and orcas.

Tours from April to November

Private tour

You work with the guide to customize your itinerary.


Shiretoko 5 Lakes half-day trekking tour

There are 5 lakes situated in a primeval forest in Shiretoko. The guide will take you on a 3km short trekking tour.

Duration4 hours
Starting times8:30AM

Night animal watching tour

You can observe the night habitats of wild animals from the vehicle using lights. You can sometimes spot Blackiston Fish Owl ( the largest owl in the world )

Duration2 hours
Starting times8pm

Brown bear watching cruise

You can enjoy dramatic views of the Shiretoko peninsula. Bears are sighted more than 80% of the time.

Duration130 minutes

Whale watching cruise

Orcas are sighted more than 30% of the time in spring, ( 58% in June 2016. )

Sperm whales can be seen more than 50% of the time in summer.

Duration150 minutes

Tours from January to March

In winter, the sea of Shiretoko is often covered with drift ice. This is considered the best season to observe birds such as the Steller’s sea eagle and white-tailed sea eagle. There are tours for drift ice and snow shoe trekking.

Drift ice walking tour

You will be able to walk around the drift ice wearing a dry suit. You can join the tour if you are over 130cm tall and weigh less than 100kg.

Duration90 minutes

Shiretoko 5 lakes tour

You will walk around the Shiretoko 5 lakes using snow shoes. You can sometimes walk on the frozen lakes themselves.

Duration4.5 hours
Starting time8AM

Night Hiking Tour

Because of the reflected light of the snow, you can walk in Shiretoko at night without the aid of lights. If there are no clouds, you will be able to observe the beautiful stars.

Duration90 minutes
Starting time8PM

Bird watching cruise

Observe birds such as the Steller’s sea eagle and white-tailed sea eagle from the boat.

Short cruise
Duration60 minutes
Starting time1PM
WhenEnd of January to mid March
Long cruise
Duration2.5 hours
Starting time6AM
WhenEnd of January to mid March


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