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Kiritappu is a wetland area bordered by both ocean and forest. It is known as the  “Wetland of Flowers” and approximately 300 types of flowers bloom between mid June to the end of August. Kiritappu is also a very important stopover for migratory birds.  About 280 species have been recorded in Kiritappu, including red crowned cranes.

All Seasons Tours

Horse Trekking

Price¥5000-¥15,000 per person
Duration90 minutes


Price¥12000 per person
Duration5 hours

May-October Tours

Flower Tours

Price¥7000 per person
Duration3 hours

Uninhabited Experience Tour

Price¥4000 – ¥7000 per person
Duration3 hours

Canoe Tours

Kiritappu Canoe Tour

Price¥4000 – ¥10,000 per person
Duration3 hours
WhenJune – November

Kiritappu Tourism Association

122 Nakanohama, Hamanaka-chō, Akkeshi-gun, Hokkaidō 088-1531

TEL: 0153-62-2772
FAX: 050-3653-2443




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