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The Ogasawara Islands are located 1000km south of Tokyo. The archipelago is formed by over 30 isolated islands, only two of which – Chichijima and Hahajima – are inhabited. The islands were  never connected with the continent, a fact that has left them with valuable and rare ecosystems. The Ogasawara Islands are both a national park and are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The characteristics of the Ogasawara islands are similar to the Galapagos. Due to the islands’  isolation, the ecological system of Ogasawara has evolved on its own. Therefore, 70% of the native plants and  and 90% of the snails seen there are endemic.
There is an abundance of wildlife in Ogasawara, such as humpback whales, green turtles and bottle-nosed dolphins. You can find native finches in Hahajima island and endemic flying foxes in Chichijima island.

Activities that you can participate in on Ogasawara

Marine activities

Ogasawara is known as one of the top diving spots among Japanese divers. To preserve the precious coral, a buoy is set up on every diving point so even the beginners can enjoy the diving.

Price¥15,000 per person
Duration4 hours (2 tanks)

Nature tour

This is a boat tour that visits a deserted island, where you can enjoy snorkeling in a coral reef and humpback whale watching ( in winter ). There is often the chance to go swimming with dolphins.

Price¥6,600 per person
Duration3.5 hours

Trekking tours

On Hahajima island, there are several trekking routes. Most can be enjoyed independently except for Sekimon, where you are required to have a licensed trekking guide.

Mt. Chibusa trekking tour

This is a trekking tour to the peak of Mt. Chibusa (463m). During the tour, you can observe various endemic plants and birds of Ogasawara. Of course, from the mountain top, you’ll be treated to an amazing view of the Ogasawara islands.

Price¥6500 per person
Duration6 hours

Minamizaki beach trekking tour

This is an easy trekking tour. You will walk through a subtropical jungle to reach the beautiful coral beach of Minamizaki and the stunning viewpoint of Kofuji.

Price¥6000 per person
Duration4.5 hours

Sekimon trekking tour

Sekimon is a wilderness preservation area where very unique and rare endemic plants grow. To visit Sekimon, you must be lead by a licensed guide.

Price¥10,000 per person
Duration7 hours

Ogasawara Hahajima Tourist Association

TEL : 81-4998-3-2300


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